“I have eczema on my face and use Recovery Skin Relief under my makeup when my skin dries out in the winter.  My skin no longer peels off.”

“…my daughter and I absolutely LOVE your Recovery product.  It works GREAT on her Eczema and I love the non-greasy feeling.”

“Our check out person has eczema.  She said this is the best cream she has ever had.”





“It takes a lot of it (i.e. the pain) away. It’s calming and soothing and I can get to sleep easier.”

-Susan S.  

“Recovery Skin Relief is amazing. It does what it says it will do. It’s a beautiful cream and saved me nights of suffering from burns​ (burning sensation) on my feet.”

-Philip R.
 “One of my staff has a husband with diabetes and his hands are so much better. There is a huge difference.”     -Drew
“Diabetic patients are asking for Recovery Skin Relief.”

-Laurie, RPh  

“Recovery Skin Relief immediately took the burning sting out of my skin. It helped me with burning, peeling, redness, blistering, itching and rash.  The more I used it the better my skin got. Oh my God! When I tried it I was amazed.”   

-Diane W. 
“I learned about your cream by reading the message boards on the Susan G. Komen website.  Many women on the Komen site said this cream worked.  …the cream goes on very smoothly which is far better than the cream the radiologist wants me to use.”  

“I will purchase more of it even after I am done with my treatments as it is good for other skin conditions as well.  Thank you so much for this wonderful product!"

-Alexis O.