Gently moisturizes and calms the itching and burning caused by radiation treatment. Our combination of the purest pharmaceutical grade ingredients and deeppenetration allows re-hydration from within helping to restore your skin to a healthy, hydrated state.

radiation burns & itching



​"I wish I had read the blog where this cream was recommended earlier in my radiation treatment. When the skin damage started to appear I followed the advice to use Aquaphor, hydrocortisone, and lidocaine with aloe - too late. I barely noticed any relief at all. I didn’t burn as badly as many other patients on the blog, but it was bad enough - purple, dry skin itched intensely and I felt like electric needles were constantly stuck in my skin. The aquaphor was so thick and felt like glue - the skin stuck together and hurt even more when I moved my arm. I ordered one tube of recovery cream to see if it would help, and thankfully it did. The skin was already so damaged that prevention was a moot point, but it was absorbed much easier and did not stick and that alone was more soothing.

I ordered a second tube and received a handwritten note from Marjorie with a little travel jar, and that gesture was so sweet! My skin started to heal and with the help of recovery cream the peeling was much less painful and now looks pink and healthy. I am still using it after my shower and I wish the radiology people would add this to the list of recommended creams. It may not be for everyone, but it was the best for me."

-Agneta S.

Need help forRadiation treatment that  leaves skin feeling itchy, dry, and sore? You are not alone. 90% of patients will experience some radiation soreness as well as itching and burning.



​​​Non-greasy, non-sticky, absorbs quickly, and deeply hydrating. Free from: steroids, parabens, dye fragrance, petrolatum, SLS/sulfates, propylene glycol, and BHT

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