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This formula instantly re-hydrates your dry, itchy and painfully cracked red sensitive skin. The way to relief is to get hydration deeply into your skin. That's the reason you are going to feel the immediate difference from all the other products you've ever used. You need deeply penetrating moisturizers and emollients to restore your skin to a healthy state.​

​Steroid free, paraben free.

The science behind our formula assures penetration beyond the top layers of your skin. The combination of the purest pharmaceutical grade ingredients and deep penetration allows your skin to rehydrate from within.

Original Recovery Skin Relief

Relief Now!

"I am a lotion snob. For effectiveness this is the best cream I have ever tried. It just works" Deanna

"I've tried pretty much everything in the market. This lasts the longest and flat-out works. Not greasy." Francis

"Nothing else quite like it" Beverly

Why It Works