Over the past 14 years and hundreds of thousands of tubes, we are told that Recovery Skin Relief-radiation also worked spectacularly well for people with eczema, diabetic skin problems and cracked dry hands, feet and elbows. Check out our customer review- they'll explain it better than I ever could.

I knew that I had to bring Recovery Skin Relief to anyone going through radiation.

We get it! I was there,-diagnosed with breast cancer and facing weeks of intensive radiation treatments.

I refused the use the greasy ointment that was recommended because I had experience in wound and skin care and knew that greasy products would not provide the hydration or relief from the itching and burning of radiation.

As wound care experts we had been developing products that are non-greasy, fast penetrating, and deeply hydrating. The soothing silky smooth texture spread easily and helped relieve the itching and burning. Upon review with the oncologist, I used Recovery Skin Relief-radiation for the duration of my treatment. Guess what-- I maintained healthy skin with spectacular results while watching other women suffer skin breakdown and interruption of treatment. As a competitive horsewoman I was even able to wear a sports bra and continue to compete


a survivor story