• Targeted emollient blend provides a deep penetration.

​ Real Skin Difference

  • Proprietary micell water-borne emulsion is engineered to deliver hydrating ingredients far beneath the skin (Skin absorbs water better than oil). ​

Products you can count on to enhance your quality of life.

NovaGenesis, LLC is incorporated as a limited liability corporation operating in Massachusetts. We believe that American made products are still the gold standard.

  • We treat our customers as our extended family. 
  • We formulate unique, non-greasy, penetrating emulsions that introduce rich, hydrating moisturizers deep into the skin, and help restore natural skin.
  • We use only pharmaceutical grade ingredients (USP & NF) and manufacture under strict adherence to FDA guidelines.
  • Our formulations contain NO: parabens, petrolatum,  gluten, steroids, propylene glycol, SLS/sulfates, and BHT.
  • Our emphasis is on real science and effectiveness: 
    • purposeful ingredients  (unique emollient blend for deeper penetration)
    • meaningful differences (smoother, more elastic, hydrated and lubricated skin)